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In all things of Nature, there is something of marvelous. 





Is the moss alive?

The moss has been preserved and has maintained the same qualities as live moss. Live moss requires a moist environment and a substrate like soil, dirt, stones, or trees to grow. The growth process has been stopped with a sustainable process to preserve the moss. 


Will the moss dry and shed?

The moss has been preserved and will not shed with normal handling. It is securely adhered to a surface to create a vertical wall for your home or office. Like other art, it should not be excessively handled or touched, pulled, or rubbed. The moss should also be kept in a room with at least 30 percent moisture content. Most home and work environments are 40 percent. If the moss starts to dry, please add moisture to the air and very lightly to the moss surface with a mister. 

Can it be placed in direct sun?

It can become too dry in direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight is preferred and will not dry the moss.  


Are they heavy and require additional support?

Unlike live potted plants that require soil and water, moss is very lightweight in comparison. The average weight per square foot is 2 pounds. Additional weight is added with stones, bark, branches, and other design elements. Weight will also be affected by the type of frame selected.  

Example:  2 ft x 2 ft frame = 4 ft total; estimated weight 8 lbs, plus frame and stone, 10 pounds.


What care and maintenance are needed?

None too minimal. They do not require adding moisture,  watering, or replanting like potted plants. The frames arrive complete and ready to hang. If you are local we can schedule an installation. Installation directions will otherwise be provided with your new frame. Standard picture hanging tools and installation are adequate. Entire walls or oversize installations will be quoted for local installations. Large multiples or panels can be shipped directly to a local installer. Moss actually works as a repellant to dust. In the event that dust or debris does land on the art, use a can of air (similar to those used for keyboard cleaning) to blow away any dust particles. Remember do not excessively rub or pull on the moss and other elements. With proper care preserved moss can last 10 years or longer. 


Why should I invest in this Living Art?

We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions with flowers and plants. Flowers unless planted in pots will last only one week to 10 days. The recipient watches the beauty fade over a short period of time. Living moss last years and provides a natural, tactile, and artful memory that brings joy to you or the recipient for years to come. One dozen roses delivered - $60 -$80 (unless it's a holiday) or a custom 11 x 14 inch Living Aura Moss frame $140 dependent upon elements added.  


I want my frame to be different, how do I do that?

All frames are custom, no two are alike.  Elements of nature are unique and so are our custom frames. Moss placement, color texture, and size will vary per design. We customize all elements to meet your design requests. For large installations, a digital layout will be submitted before we begin design assembly.  Large is considered 4 square feet or more. 


Is moss a sustainable product?

Our suppliers are worldwide and practice sustainable harvesting practices. Moss that we used is grown in the forest, mountain regions and areas that replenish moss readily after harvesting. It is not the same moss that is growing on your trees and ground in your yards. Unless of course, you are in Italy, Norway, and other beautiful moss sites. In that case, I will plan to visit soon. 


How many species and varieties are available?

There are currently hundreds of species available. They range in size, color, textures, and types. The joy of variation adds to the uniqueness of your Living Art. 


Is moss safe for children and pets?

Moss art should not be accessible to younger children who are prone to put items in their mouths, the same for pets. Moss is not poisonous but may look inviting to pets and children. Especially the color variations available. Please keep them out of reach of eager hands and curious pets. 

How do I make mine unique and a commission custom work?

Each art frame or installation is unique. Contact us directly via, email, phone, or through or Contact form. We will call or schedule a time (local) to discuss your specific request, budget, and installation requirements.  

Create the environment and life that you want to live! 


Feel free to email if your question is not answered. We provide custom design services to fit your environment. 


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